Below are various programs and activities with the South Dakota Knights of Columbus.

Bishop's Burse

Each year at the state convention, the State Deputy presents the Bishops of our two Dioceses a check representing the contributions from our councils, throughout the state. This donation is used for the education of seminarians. A suggested contribution is $1.00 per member, but any amount will be accepted. It is a small way of showing our support and the importance of priestly vocations to the Bishops, and it is hoped each council will be able to support this program. Contributions can be forwarded to the State Secretary prior to the state convention and should be reported on the form located in this book. Click HERE to make a contribution.

Respect Life Fund

Another voluntary contribution of a suggested $1.00 per member can also be made to the State Council or contributed to a local pro-life group or project. Although voluntary, this donation can show the “respect life” attitude of our councils. If you contribute to the state council fund, please forward it prior to the state convention, to the state secretary. Your council may contribute locally or make contributions to both the state fund and locally. However you contribute, please forward information of the amount and to whom the contribution was made on the form in this book and forward that information to the State Secretary. Click HERE to make a contribution.

Special Olympics Softball Tournament

The State Council sponsors a Special Olympics Softball Tournament each fall in September with the extraordinary assistance of the Huron council and community. Watch for details in the Crusader and the Directions newsletter. The council and community in Huron do a tremendous job of organizing and carrying out the event, but they need assistance of your local members for umpires, scorekeepers, cheerers, etc. to make it a complete success. If you have volunteers to offer, please call the Grand Knight of the Huron council. 

January 22

All Knights and families should be aware of the meaning of the January 22nd date, as that was the day the Supreme Court made it legal for abortions to be performed. Each year the State Right to Life organization has a program in Pierre on that date regarding that Supreme Court decision. Your council is encouraged to travel to Pierre to participate, or your council may want to do something in your own community on the same order.

Adopt a Seminarian

Each council is encouraged to adopt a seminarian. This adoption may take the form of monetary aid, letter writing by council members, prayers, holiday and birthday gifts, or a combination of any of the above. A list of seminarians for each diocese will be distributed when the current addresses are determined for the coming year. Your participation has been found in the past to be an encouragement to these men to continue their goal toward ordination. The Supreme council has an R.S.V.P. program to encourage councils to donate money to the seminarians and then rebate part of that donation back to the council. Details of this can be found in the Supreme council report forms booklet.

Vocation Prayer Cards

Another vocation program is the printing and free distribution of vocation prayer cards by the state council. Local councils can request a number of these prayer cards that can be placed in church literature racks, misselletes, pew racks, CCD classes, etc. They might also be given to a neighboring parish even if there are no Knights in that parish. Requests can be made for these cards from the Church Activities Director by completing the online order form by clicking HERE.

Rosary Recitation

In order to encourage devotion to the Rosary and Mary, a resolution at a recent convention asked that each council open their meetings or at another time of the meeting with the recitation of at least one decade of the Rosary.

Founder's Day

A resolution passed at the 1995 convention in Yankton asked that all councils in South Dakota set aside the Sunday nearest the 29th of March every year as a day of prayer with fellow Knights and families to reflect on the alarming termination of pregnancies, the suffering of Holy Innocents, and the destruction of family leadership and values. This day is also the anniversary of the founding of the Knights of Columbus in 1882. It would be hoped that each council could be responsible for the various ministries of this yearly celebration as required by the pastor of their parish. It would also be a tribute to our founder, Fr. Michael McGivney, who is currently being considered for sainthood.

October - Respect Life Month

The month of October is designated by the Church as Respect Life month. It would be appropriate for each council to conduct one or more activities during this month to show our support for all stages of life from conception to death.

Native American Cultural Exchange Program

The purpose of the program is to give students of different cultures the opportunity to meet each other face to face in a friendly atmosphere at which time they should learn about each other’s way of life and at the same time develop friendships that will hopefully carry on onto adulthood. Click HERE for more information.

Tootsie Roll Drives

Every year councils across the state have Tootsie Roll Drives to raise funds to support various organizations who provide aid and assistance for those with intellectual deficiencies. Click HERE to access the reporting forms.

Essay Contest

This is an annual essay contest for students in grades 7th and 8th based on a theme. See the current fraternal essay contest by clicking HERE.

Soccer Challenge

More details to follow.

Free Throw Contest

More details to follow.

Football Sweepstakes

Another source of operating money is the football sweepstakes program. This has replaced the SPF ticket fund raiser. It is also used as a fund raiser for local councils because any council or assembly that participates receives a portion of the funds received. Unfortunately, not all councils have seen the importance of this program and choose not to participate. Every council must realize this is a fund raiser for the state and as such, every council has a responsibility to do what they can to make it a success. Every council must do their part to support the state council so there are enough funds available to operate.

Knights in Action. Faith in Action

The Knights of Columbus offers men a place to lead their families and communities in faith and service and put their Faith into Action. Knights of Columbus members, parishes and families have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference through 32 Supreme Council-recommended programs.

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