2024 Delegate Registration and Meal Order Form

Election of Delegates

Article III, Section 1 (a) of the by-laws to the SD State Council provides that each subordinate council shall elect delegates to the State Council to represent them at the annual State Convention. The Grand Knight is automatically a delegate. A Past Grand Knight must be elected by the council as the second delegate. A council having no Past Grand Knight may elect any one of its Knighthood Degree members in good standing in lieu thereof. Each subordinate council shall also elect alternate delegates, so that in the event the elected delegate finds it impossible to attend the State Convention, his alternate will take his place. These alternates may be any Knighthood Degree member in good standing. In many cases the alternate is the actual person attending the convention, so please indicate on the form by listing the names of the delegate or alternate who is most likely to attend the convention and will act as the voting delegate.

ONLY TWO NAMES SHOULD BE LISTED AS ACTUAL VOTING DELEGATES. If you will not be sending any delegates, please note and send the form in anyway. If your delegates change after your form is submitted, the Grand Knight must contact the State Treasurer immediately with the updates. All Knights are required to present their current KofC membership card at the convention, don’t leave home with out it!

Delegate Registration and Meal Order Form.  The form below is used for registering your elected delegates to the state convention and ordering their respective convention meals packets. Meal packets include both banquets (Friday and Saturday), both breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday), and both lunches (Saturday and Sunday).  It does NOT include the 4th Degree Luncheon on Friday (ordered separately through 4th Degree District Master).

Please note the savings by paying for your meals prior to April 1st. Also, meals must be purchased by April 15th. The convention site requires a meal count several days prior to the convention so the deadline is necessary. There may be a limited number of meal tickets available at the convention, but it would not be wise register on-site and expect to be able to purchase any meal tickets at that time. The 2024 ticket prices listed were finalized as of 10 Feb 2024.

If your council is not sending any delegates, please check the box on the delegate form on the Meal Ticket page and send the form to the address at the bottom of the page.

Anyone with special dietary requirements should so indicate and contact the State Treasurer directly to determine whether the convention facility can accommodate the individual.

State Convention NON-DELEGATE Attendance. Any Knight may attend the State Convention, as long as they have taken their Knighthood Degree and they are a member in Good Standing. Non-Delegates shall use this same Registration and Meal order form and send payment to the State Treasurer before the 15 April deadline.

Please type the required the information on the form and email the form to the State Treasurer (as a pre-registration) and send your check with a printout of the same form.  The email form will greatly assist other registration tasks and reduce administrative errors (pun intended).

Please Type all information, save the file and email to the State Treasurer. Print and send this form with your check. 

Make check payable to SD KofC

James Schaefers
520 44th St, Rapid City, SD 57702
605-430-7131 / [email protected]



Brother Knights,

Meals for the SD Knights of Columbus State Convention can be purchased either as a complete packet of meals for the entire convention or as individual tickets for specific meals. All tickets for the meals must be purchased in advance and payment is required with your order. There is a significant discount for all complete meal packets ordered and paid for before April 1st. All meal ticket orders must be received by April 15th. You can use the form below and submit a check by mail, or you can also download the form and fill it out and mail it in with your check.

Meal Packets

NOTE: Complete packet includes all meals.

Individual Meal Tickets

Note: Breakfast tickets and Sunday lunch tickets will be available at the door

Clergy Meals

Councils are responsible for cost of meals for all local Clergy attending- if you know they plan to attend, please pay in advance on this form and list their names.


You can print out and send the bottom of this form along with your check.

Check Instructions

Make check payable to SD KofC. Mail to: STATE TREASURER, James Schaefers, 520 44th St, Rapid City, SD 57702 | 605-430-7131 | [email protected]